16 SEP 2023

We Had the Honor of Hosting Distinguished Guests at Our Brand-New Vicenza Rent Point! The Mayor of the city and the Mayor of Sandrigo came together to celebrate the opening of this unique space dedicated to sustainable mobility.

It was truly an unforgettable day, a moment when the community came together to commemorate a significant step towards promoting sustainable mobility in the city. The presence of our illustrious guests made this day even more special, and we are deeply grateful for their support.

A Special Thanks to the Local Community

We would like to extend a warm thank you to all those who participated in this special day. Your presence and enthusiasm were crucial to the success of the event. We have realized that there is a strong interest in sustainable mobility in our community, and we are determined to meet this growing demand.

The Rent Point Is Ready to Welcome You!

Now that we have officially opened the doors of our Vicenza Rent Point, we are excited to welcome you. We have prepared a wide range of services related to the world of e-bikes that will make your cycling experience even more special. Whether you are experienced cyclists or beginners, you will find everything you need to explore the beauty of Vicenza sustainably and enjoyably.

Discover Sustainable Mobility with Us

Join us at RideAlone Vicenza and discover the benefits of sustainable mobility. E-bikes are an eco-friendly and fun solution for daily commuting or exploring our magnificent region. We are here to serve you and assist you in every aspect of your electric biking experience.