05 JUN 2024

In recent years, the world of young people and the educational context have undergone a radical change, increasingly shifting towards the virtual. The pandemic accelerated this process, leaving many students without fundamental connections with the environment and with each other. It is in this scenario that the School on Bikes project was born, an initiative designed to bring young people back to real, formative, and enriching outdoor experiences.

Environmental Awareness

One of the key components of our bike outings is environmental awareness. Participating in activities in natural environments allows kids to experience nature with all their senses, promoting a change in perspective. We want our students to move away from the idea of nature as a resource to be exploited and start seeing it as an integral part of themselves to care for. By using bicycles, we also promote a culture of sustainable mobility, crucial for a greener and more conscious future.

Physical Activity and Self-Discovery

Psychophysical well-being is at the heart of the health concept proposed by the WHO, and cycling is an excellent form of non-traumatic physical activity. Riding on dirt paths is a challenge that allows kids to better understand themselves, their strengths, and their limits. This process of self-discovery is crucial for personal growth, helping students overcome difficulties and accept their limitations with maturity.

Discovering the Territory

We often overlook the natural, historical, and cultural riches around us. The School on Bikes project invites students to open their eyes to the wonders of their territory, fostering a deep knowledge of the local environment. We firmly believe that this awareness contributes to forming more attentive and responsible individuals. Our bike excursions are designed to be a starting point for future explorations and insights, planting a seed that we hope will grow into greater care and respect for the environment.

Interaction with Others

A fundamental aspect of the bike outings is social interaction. These experiences help establish strong group dynamics, improving socialization among students and strengthening the sense of community. Through these activities, kids learn the importance of civil coexistence, develop a sense of responsibility and autonomy, and have fun together, creating lasting bonds.

Join Us on This Adventure

The School on Bikes project is more than just a school activity: it is an educational journey aimed at forming conscious, responsible individuals connected to the world around them. Our outings are full of discoveries, challenges, and moments of sharing that leave a deep mark on the participants.

Join us in this wonderful initiative and help us grow a generation of young people who are aware and respectful of the natural world.