27 MAY 2024

BIKE and YOGA is born from the collaboration between RideAlone and 3lyoga, with Elisa Furlan as the guide. Over the past few years, Elisa has deepened her research and study of both practices, developing a thesis and a personal sequence for the Hamsa Yoga School in Milan, specifically for cyclists. Elisa is now specialized in Yoga for cyclists.

Her thesis demonstrated how a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being can be advantageous for cyclists, maintaining an optimal balance. Yoga practice is an excellent complement for cyclists, including those who use e-bikes and MTB.

Benefits of Yoga for Cyclists

Flexibility: Yoga improves flexibility, reducing the risk of muscle injuries and enhancing movement efficiency on the bike.

Core Strength: Good core strength is fundamental for proper posture on the bike and for improving balance on uneven terrains.

Concentration and Safety: Breathing and body awareness, key elements of yoga, help improve concentration and safety while riding.

Muscle Recovery: Yoga relaxation practices speed up recovery, reduce the risk of injuries, improve blood circulation, and facilitate lymphatic drainage.

Mental Well-being: Yoga helps to relax, calm the mind, and improve cycling performance, reducing pain and stress.

An Outdoor Experience

Both disciplines, cycling and yoga, can be practiced outdoors, promoting a greater connection with nature and its benefits. BIKE'N YOGA is a way to deepen both practices, immersing oneself in an environment that promotes well-being, new relationships, fun, and the discovery of the territory.

The Appointments

We will meet twice a month, during the week, after work, to ride together to surprise destinations where we can stop to practice yoga and breathe.

No prior Yoga experience is required, just the ability to breathe and the willingness to move with us!

If you are interested in improving your physical fitness, relaxing, and connecting with nature, join us for BIKE and YOGA. For more information and reservations, contact us!

Keep your body fresh throughout the season with BIKE and YOGA!